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Meeting of National Road Safety Council, Ad-hoc Committee

November 29, 2017

Event Date: 12 July, 2015
Event Venue: Conference Hall, MOPIT Building, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Ad-hoc Committee of National Road Safety Council met at MOPIT Building. Following the presentation by Dr. Partha Parajuli, the Committee chaired by Mr. Tulasi Sitaula, Chair accepted the proposal on the Development of Road Safety Management System in Nepal as the working document for the management of road safety.

Realising the importance of data on road crashes and need to use other information relevant to road safety analysis and management two papers: the first, on the development of Nepal Road Safety Information Management System (NRSIMS) and the second, on the development of Nepal Road Crash Database System (NRCDS) were presented. Following the discussion, the Committee, among others, resolved to undertake Crash Database Project as soon as possible.

Over 20 members representing various agencies having stake on road safety attended the meeting. There was a common consensus that