About Sustainable Transport & Traffic Management

What is sustainable transport and traffic management

A sustainable transport and traffic management is one in which resource consumption, vehicle emissions, safety, congestion, and social and economic access are of such levels that they can be sustained into the indefinite future without causing great or irrepairable harm to future generations of people throughout the world (Source: www.vtpi.org/tdm/tdm67.htm)

“The earth provides enough to satisfy every person’s need but not every person’s greed. When we take more than we need we are simply taking from each other, borrowing from the future, or destroying the environment and other species”.

Mahatma Gandhi, Principle of Enoughness

Case Studies / Examples

Transport accounts for around one third of the global green house gas (GHG) emissions today. Car traffic in particular not only contributes to global climate change but causes local air pollution, noise and reduced freedom of mobility for pedestrians and cyclists due to the risk of crashes. Furthermore, transport is related to extensive area development for infrastructure like roads and parking spaces which often replace green spaces.

Transport is growing. To avoid further growth of negative environmental impacts, transport needs to be more sustainable. Alternatives to car use need to be found and promoted. Cars can become cleaner and more efficient with the latest technological developments. However, a more comprehensive approach to the transport problem needs to be taken. A combination of measures will be most effective, and selected studies may be accessed as follows:

Examples from North America

Transportation 2040 – Moving Forward [PDF]
Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP)

Examples from Europe

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Examples from Australia & New Zealand

Connecting SEQ 2031: An Integrated Regional Transport Plan for South East Queensland (PDF, 5.52 MB)

Your Sustainable Transport Guide [PDF]

Sustainable Transport – Active Travel Examples [PDF]
Guidelines for preparation of integrated transport plans, May 2012
Redlands Transport Plan 2016 [PDF]

Examples from Aisa

Bhutan Transport 2040: Integrated Strategic Vision
Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project

Examples from Nepal

Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project
Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Project