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Road Safety Stakeholder’s MeetingRoad Safety Stakeholder’s MeetingEvent

November 29, 2017

Date: 23 April 2015Event
Venue: Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Partha Parajuli, one of the key proponents of the Development of Nepal Road Safety Management System handed over the following documents for consideration by the Government of Nepal amidst the road safety function at Hotel Soaltee, Kathmandu Nepal in presence of many distinguished guests from local and international agencies.

  • Development of Road Safety Management System in Nepal: A Comprehensive Approach for Road Safety Management;
  • Development of Road Safety Management System in Nepal: Proposal for Preparatory Works; and
  • Development of Road Safety Management System in Nepal: Report on Stakeholders’ Workshop

The draft proposal for the development of Road Safety Management System in Nepal was finalised incorporating feedbacks from participants.

In his address to the attendees in the meeting, Honourable Minister Mr Nidhi expressed concern over the increasing number of road accidents in Nepal. He expressed Government’s commitment for improving road safety in the country and that the Government will consider the proposals submitted in the meeting. Mr Kul Chandra Gautam, Vice President of Asian Development Bank (ADB), also presented the paper on road safety. He mentioned that ADB accords high priority in road safety and that each road project funded by ADB would have road safety components built into the Project Design.